Our Philanthropic History

In the early years surplus funds were donated annually to a selected cause, usually to do with women and children and usually focused in Scotland or Edinburgh. In the more recent years, we have held various Fundraising Events in order to collect funds for our charity.

Particular projects were also selected for fundraising events--the earliest was to aid the purchase of a minibus for hospital transport. In subsequent years the Club has raised funds for the following charities:

  1. Disablement Income Group http://www.self-help.org.uk/search/?entryid54=94785&p=2&char=D
  2. the Margaret Blackwood Foundation, http://blackwoodgroup.org.uk/
  3. Barnardos, http://www.barnardos.org.uk/?gclid=CJuBpM20l8gCFc-6GwodOn0ANA
  4. the Malcolm Sargent Fund, http://www.clicsargent.org.uk/content/who-we-are
  5. Women's Aid Scotland. http://www.scottishwomensaid.org.uk/
  6.  Scotland Yard Adventure Centre for special needs children.  http://www.theyardscotland.org.uk/
  7. Race for Lifehttp://raceforlife.cancerresearchuk.org/index.html 
  8. Cherishindia, http://www.cherishindia.org/
  9. Sense Scotland, http://www.sensescotland.org.uk/fundraising/charity-shops/donate-to-our-shops.aspx?_kk=sense%20scotland&_kt=e2a7ffc3-6e9f-4227-b809-2ef725f2408d&gclid=CPyX7Kqyl8gCFavpwgodyr0CiQ
  10. Riding for the Disabled, http://www.rdasouthscotland.org.uk/
  11. the Edinburgh Zoo, http://www.edinburghzoo.org.uk/
  12. Fawco Foundation Water Target Project  http://www.fawcofoundation.org/our-programs/fawco-target-program/targetwaterproject.html
  13. Music in Hospitals in Edinburgh. http://www.musicinhospitalsscotland.org.uk/
  14.  Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre http://www.ewrasac.org.uk/
  15. Friends of the Earth Scotland https://foe.scot/
 A huge thank you to everyone who participated in our silent auction at Thanksgiving 2018.  Together, we raised a whopping £1,441.00 for Friends of the Earth Scotland.

If you would like to contribute to our Charities, we have provided an opportunity for you to do so through PayPal.  We very much appreciate your help in our endeavour to help our women and children here in Scotland.  The Donation Application form is here.

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