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Keep Up to Date on the Virus

Scotland Covid19 Links

Introduction to NHS inform.scot

"Test and Protect is Scotland’s way of putting into practice the test, trace, isolate, support strategy.

It will prevent the spread of coronavirus in the community by:

  • identifying cases of coronavirus through testing
  • tracing the people who may have become infected by spending time in close contact with them
  • supporting those close contacts to self-isolate, so that if they have the virus they are less likely transmit it to others

Breaking the chains of transmission in the community will stop the virus spreading. This will allow us to gradually change the restrictions that help to suppress the virus."


"There are test centres across Scotland for people with and without symptoms. You can also get tests to do at home.

You can get a test for:

  • yourself
  • someone you care for
  • a child in your care"

Keep the Brain and the Children Busy

Virus Free Visitation! I thought it might be good to offer some fun ideas for things to do whist self-isolating. I have used the museum virtual tours before and some of them are really high quality!  Alannna Kibiloski


Museums and Galleries

Use virtual tours and online collections to view exhibitions and famous works of art. (These are just a few but most major museums offer similar online tools) 


Some of the world’s greatest monuments and landmarks also provide virtual tours:

Article on Stress and Grief:

  • "That Discomfort You’re Feeling Is Grief"
    An excellent article in the Harvard Business Review describing the feelings we are experiencing right now with the Covid-19 experience. A MUST READ By Scott Berinato  March 23, 2020.
    Harvard Business Review

How to Make Facemasks:

  • Mask Sewing Instructions—home made mask which can help in protection, not to be considered meeting regulatory guidelines, use at your own risk.  
  • The New York Times facemask instructions.
  • Google Face Masks and you will find many references.

Stay Fit Indoors!

There is a multitude of YouTube channels that offer full-length workouts you can do at home - many that require minimal or no equipment. I've rounded up my favorites below!

Popsugar Fitness:
This channel has a wide variety of classes from boot camps and kickboxing, to barre and yoga. They also have a variety of lengths so you can squeeze in a quick 10min class or do a longer workout.

Yoga with Adrienne:
Whether you're new to yoga or experienced, Adrienne has guided practice sessions for everyone. She also has a 30-day beginners series for anyone looking to incorporate yoga as a daily habit.

Pahla B Fitness:
Pahla B offers low-impact workouts that pack a punch! Her videos are aimed at women over 50 and are joint-friendly and don't have too much jumping - perfect for those looking for 'apartment friendly' workouts that won't disturb the neighbors below.

Looking for something for the kids? Try British Fitness guru, Joe Wicks' channel.He recently launched a bunch of workouts for kids called 'P.E. with Joe' in response to the current pandemic:

Want to stay mentally fit with some meditation? Try some beautiful guided sessions from Headspace:

Stay well, everyone!

xo, Kristina Royer

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