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U.S. Voter Registration

Two thousand and eighteen (2018) is an interim election year, when the entire House and a third of the Senate will
be up for (re)election. All U.S. citizens living overseas have the right to vote in all U.S.
federal elections, but you must re-register for every election. Some, but not all, Voting
Registration Officers will contact you if you were registered for the last election
- but don’t count on it.

votecountssmallYou can register and request your absentee ballot either on the Overseas Vote Foundation
(OVF)’s online voter registration tool (http://www.oversseasvotefoundation.
org/) or on the Federal Voter Assistance Program (FVAP) website (

Download and print a registration and ballot request (FPCA), fill it in, and post it to
your country clerk’s office – be sure to look up the information on your state’s requirements
by clicking on your voting state at:


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